tes kesehatan masuk sekolah pilot

Requirements to get away from school are a pilot must take a medical test. There are many medical tests to be followed by the prospective student pilots. Whether it’s high test weight, blood, vision, hearing, and other medical tests. As a student pilot when you want to pass the selection tests carried out by the pilot schools, of course, have to maintain good health. Well, for those of you who want to take a medical test pilot school entry, then there are many ways you can do to maintain your health. Here’s how you can do to maintain a healthy before attending medical school entrance test pilot.

Sleep on time

Lack of sleep can make the body look more felt lethargic and weak. it is also, lack of sleep makes low blood pressure. If you want to go to school pilot and following medical tests, of course, results will not be good. Therefore, health is not only seen from the inside, but also you can radiate from the outside. Sleep on time is the first way for those who want to take a medical test pilot school entry. At least you need a rest period of 8 hours in a day. With your bed on time, then you will look fresher and spirit. Your blood pressure will also look normal if you sleep on time.

Adjust your diet

The second way to maintain health before following test pilot school entry health by regulating the diet. Delays in terms of food and eating can cause illness. Well, for there are a lot of medical tests that must be passed. Therefore, you must adjust your diet well. With your set with a good diet, the body will be immediately and avoid the diseases that will be able to make medical tests you fail. Familiarize yourself to eat three times a day, be it morning, noon, and evening. In addition, you can take vitamins to make your body resistance is more immediately visible. Avoid spicy and oily foods. You can adjust your diet properly, and then the health of your body is always awake.

Sufficient exercise

Medical tests conducted for incoming pilot school is very strict. To keep you fresh, it helps maintain the health of your body with exercise diligently. Additionally, if you feel has a height which is less, then you can prepare yourself by doing sports. There are many sports that can help you to increase height. To swim, volleyball, and basketball is a sport that is suitable to add height. Exercise not only makes you look healthy, but it also makes you look muscular body. If you do not have time to exercise every day, then just two times a week.

Make checks to doctors

Before you checked on the health of the pilot schools, it helps you check beforehand. Especially for those who have problems regarding teeth and eyes. With your checks prior to take the test, then you can act more quickly. Patching gear and perform eye surgery is a way that you can do. If your tooth cavities already patched, it is no longer a problem when you take a medical test. This is because if your teeth cavities, it can make you fail health test.

For those of you who want to follow the entrance test pilot school, health is an important thing to be maintained properly. Well, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

Flying SchoolContinuing education is one of the pilot schools right step that should have been completed high school education or equivalent. Said that because the cadets can obtain promising career path in the future, because most carriers in each year an opportunity for the cadets to fill existing vacancies. In fact, the world needs more pilots in every year that are sometimes not able to be met because of lack of supply of pilots available. As has been known that, in order to achieve a promising career in the future one of the things that needs to be seen are jobs available. If the lack of employment opportunities while many job seekers, it is not likely to be difficult to get these opportunities because of the many competitors.

Therefore, in high school to continue their studies must be filled with accuracy, in addition to assessing of expertise also needs to look at the opportunities that exist so as not to become unemployed. Despite a very promising pilot schools to achieve a career in the future, it does not mean schools can choose at random or important incoming pilot school. So very wrong assumption. In fact, many schools pilot naughty, where the duration of education is often manipulated, deceived education costs, and so forth. In fact, if the school is already tainted reputation will likely be difficult to accept work for the school’s reputation is very important influence on the graduation test administration. Remember, three important things below so that no one select pilot schools:

Consultation with specialization flight school

Before selecting pilot schools, one of the things that can be done to choose the right school is to consult with the school counselor flight. Consultation, prospective cadet pilots can become more familiar with the school you want is selected, both in terms of cost, operationally school age, such as simulator facilities, airports, training aircraft, laboratories, classrooms, and dormitories, as well as the number of instructors. In addition, the flight school consultant can also recommend which schools duly chosen so that the dream of becoming a pilot can be realized according to expectations. Is that right? Yes, because they represent many flight schools so that they know very well plus-minus of each pilot school. In other words, use the services of the main flight school consultant can minimize the various forms of loss that will be experienced in the future. So, consider consulting services in choosing a flight school pilot school.

Know school profiles directly

Advances in technology are growing rapidly as now also provide convenience to find out information globally including school profiles the intended pilot. By looking at the profile of the school directly, prospective cadet pilots can better weigh whether the designated pilot schools selected is proper or not. Through a good quality website would be relatively easy to find out information about the fees, facilities, trainer, license requirements, the cadet activities, achievements of alumni, and others. If the information stated is in line with the expectations of prospective cadets, it does not hurt to do a survey(if the location near the school). But if distant, it is worth contacting the school at the telephone number listed. By doing so, the quality of the services provided by the school to know whether satisfactory or not.

Ask for recommendations from alumni who already work

So that no one select flight schools, also would not hurt if asked for a recommendation of the pilots who are already working. The alumni who have experienced become pilot will certainly be very happy to share tips and information which schools qualified pilot and should be selected. Remember and beware, not all cadet pilots got a good career, instead there are unemployed because of the knowledge and capabilities are still very minimal, so some airlines can not accept work. Therefore, it is better to take the liberty to interview the alumni who are already working, especially in the airline’s top.

The number of pilot schools are ready to print the cadets to become pilots reliable become a necessity why it should be smart in choosing a school. The new school could begin operations suddenly go bankrupt because of poor management. Do not want to get caught in such a pilot school, is not it? So, make sure you can choose the right school to prioritize three points above.

Why aAfter graduating from flight school, graduates definitely apply for job at airlines as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not all of them are accepted at airlines. Even, some of them have to try for couple times to join airline but they fail continuously. This makes them stress out and feel depressed. Are you a pilot school graduate who failed to get job as a pilot? If you are, don’t be sad because not all pilot school graduates can work at airline. Remember that God will help you as long as you don’t give up. Anyway, if you want to apply for job as a pilot again at certain airlines, you should know reasons why you fail so you can fix the problem. Actually, your failure happens because you:

Send needed documents late

You may be happy if you already complete requirements but this does not mean that you may send needed documents late. If you do this, you will regret because airline parties will eliminate you and you will fail again. For this, if you fulfill the requirements, send needed documents, like commercial pilot license, private pilot license, ID card, and so on on time. Make sure that you don’t falsify any documents unless you want to be discualified and eliminated earlier.

Fail to pass medical test

Passing medical test is not easy although you have ideal or proportional body. This happens because airline parties check not only your look of physical but also health of your eyes, ears, lung, skin, teeth, and so on. If you have any problems with your lung, of course they will eliminate you or if they know that you smoked or used drugs, you will be discualified fast. For this, prepare yourself as well as possible by applying healthy lifestyle and avoiding consuming alcohol and drug. If you have any health disorders after graduating from pilot school, do medical check and take treatment in hospital as soon as possible.

What if your disease is not easy to be treated? Never give up because you will get your health back as long as you continue running treatments among medical, teraphy, herbal, etc.

Tell a lie when being interviewed

Airline parties will ask you some questions in interview test. Some of pilot candidates don’t answer those questions well and some others decide to tell a lie so they can pass this test. Keep in mind that telling a lie will bring many bad effects. For this, make sure that you don’t tell a lie when being interviewed. If you cannot answer questions or explain your answer in detail, tell the truth so interviewers know how good you are. What if you hear that failing to answer questions will make candidates fail to pass this test? No need to worry because the result does not depend on this test only. If you show good result in document, medical, and psycotest, there is a big possibility for you to pass this test and get a job at airline.

Hopefully, by knowing this information, you will realize your dream to be a pilot. Good luck. 🙂

pensiun cWhen pilots are more than 50 years old, most of them decide to retire as soon as possible. This happens because they want to take enough rest, rebuild family relationship, start running a business, and so on. From financial aspect, of course they don’t need to worry anymore because they have millions of dollars as their income every month. They can fulfill all their needs easily. However, if retirement is not prepared well, they will lose their money and deal with financial problem at last.

Are you a pilot who plans to retire one or two years later? If you are, before doing your plan, you are highly suggested to do these:

Think about this decision twice

Before you really retire, think about this decision twice. Why? Ask yourself whether you are ready for this? Realize that after retiring, you don’t have a primary job anymore. This means that you don’t have a big income every month anymore. If your family has to spend much money to fulfill daily needs, of course retirement will make you and your family deal with financial problem sooner or later. Therefore, take enough time to think again about this decision. If you are sure with this, just do it.

Start investing some money

If you don’t want to see your old age get any difficulties, start investing some money now. Of course, you should do this aside from saving money at bank. Invest your money in valuable things that have high selling point in the future, such as: property (apartment, land, and house). You need to know that when selling property in the future, you can get much profit. For example, if initiall you buy a house for 10,000 dollars, in two-three years later, your house can be sold for 20,000-30,000 dollars or even more. Imagine how much money you can get if you invest money in property. Remember to buy property that is located in good place so increase of selling point really happens.

Make some plans for life after retiring

What do you do after retiring? If you don’t have any plans, make some plans for your life now. You need to know that if you just make your life go on without knowing what to do, you will find many problems sooner or later. For instance, you can get trapped in debts if you continue spending your money to fulfill everything you want. That is why you should make some plans for life after retiring. If you are confused, start by realizing your reasonable dream first. For instance, if you want to garden, buy land and then start gardening there. You can fulfill your routines by gardening. If you like selling smartphone, you can run a smartphone outlet. Make sure that you make plans together your lovely one so you don’t bother yourself and deal with stress.

If you already think this decision twice, start investing your money, and make some plans for your life after retiring, you can retire comfortably and enjoy runnning your life afterward.

FailedAt this moment, there are many people who want to get job at airlines as staf, stewardess, or pilot. Unfortunately, getting job there is not easy because airlines parties are very selective in approving job applicants. If people don’t fulfill their criteria, of course they will not be accepted. Anyway, if you alreay apply for job at airlines but you fail, what should you do? If you don’t know what to do, it is better to do the following tips:

Find out your weekness

Finding out your weekness is a must because your failure will not happen if you don’t have weekness. For this, do this while moving on. In general, there are many things that make you deal with this failure. First, it is about your health. You might not have good body’s health anymore after graduating from pilot school. Second, it is about your skill in flying aircraft. If you don’t understand materials and training programs when studying at pilot school, of course your skill is inadequate. You need to know that airlines parties just want to accept job applicants who have good flying skill of course.

Thus, how to deal with your weekness? Find out the right solusition. If your weekness is your bad health, apply healthy life style or if your weekness is your bad skill, take courses, read related books, and train to fly aircraft again. Never give up because there is much time to realize your dream.

Look for other job vacancies at airlines

After knowing your weekness, move on and look for other job vacancies at airlines. This needs a long time but no need to worry because you will find the right job as long as you never give up and continue trying. To find job vacancies at airlines, visit official airlines website, join related online forum, and ask for help from your relations. What if you don’t find new job vacancies there? Be patient because airlines don’t open job vacancies every month. If you don’t deal with boredom when waiting for new job vacancies, prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

Do your best when taking tests

When your job application is approved and you are asked to take tests, do your best. This means that you should prepare your knowledge and skill as well as possible by studying related books and preparing your physical and mental. Basically, there are five tests that you should pass: completeness of document, medical test I, psychotest, medical test II, and interview. Gather a lot of references about these tests so you know what you should and should not do. If you have any health problems, do medical check and take medical treatments soon. Make sure that you don’t have any serious health disorders, like cancer, HIV/AIDS, lung disorder, etc. if you want to pass all tests.

Besides, don’t forget to ask for blessing from God and your parents and pray to God. Remember to do these sincerely so you can realize your dream. Hopefully, you can get a job at airlines. Good luck. 🙂